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Thank you for all your comments and wishes.  It’s been a hectic, yet interesting few weeks at my placement at the Ministry of Education.  There has been lots of briefing notes, speeches and presentations to write and many staff changes here.  This coupled with on / off bouts of diarrhoea, ring worm and cracking a tooth to top it all.  

Today’s short blog is a bit about the work, I am doing here and to primarily congratulate the UK government on achieving their country target on aid.  Read more about it in the Guardian Article

Many UK tax payers think that the UK spends too much on aid but aren’t aware that:1)    Aid spending is only 0.7% of gross national income.2)    The UK promised to commit to this 0.7% back in 1969 (a UN target) because it was agreed that rich nations should help poor nations.3)    So far, not many other countries have met this goal; only Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Luxembourg.
Although aid isn’t everything, the UK does make a valuable contribution to the development of poorer countries. Some of the money goes to Voluntary Service Overseas and as a VSO volunteer I can see what’s happening on the ground here in Nepal. Foreign aid has helped Nepal to reach five out of their eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  So far, a lot of my volunteer placement work at the Ministry, has been researching these MDG’s and the development partners role on achieving those goals, so proud to be British and see our contribution.
Education for All Conference

Education for All Conference

I attended my first conference on behalf of the Ministry of Education, which was a consultation on how to ensure Education for All, that the Ministry co-hosted.  Despite only sending the invites less that a week prior to the event, it was very attended by various development partners and civil society organisations – lots of heated debate and interesting comments on what still needs to be done here!

About Daphne

I’m Daphne, normally live in Vauxhall, London. I am blogging to keep track of my adventures. After volunteering for 3 years with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), in Nepal, at the Ministry of Education in Kathmandu, I am now in Tanzania, volunteering with VSO on a Youth Economic Empowerment Project.

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  1. This is a belated comment: good to hear you’re doing work as Well! To be serious it sounds like our
    aid is well spent and Appreciated?
    W xx

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