International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day


In celebration of International Women’s Day today and in advance of Mother’s Day next Sunday, this blog post is about my colleague and friend Mina (who coincidentally has my own mum’s name) and her son Pragyesh.


Mina ji at work…on a cold day!

Mina is my counterpart, at the Ministry of Education section that I work at. She has not only helped to induct me into my VSO placement role but continually helps me with the protocols of working in the Nepal government system. I have learnt a lot from Mina, who used to be a teacher, from the wider cultural do’s and don’ts to the simple things that I need to be better at.  We have lots of laughs in our section and Mina reminds me of my mum from continually adjusting my Kurta Sawal uniform, to getting me to tidy my hair and wear make up in an ever attempt to make me more of a lady!

Mina’s 10 year old son Pragyesh, visits the office from time to time.  He is also a friend and reminds me very much of my nephew Ben at that age.  He recently completed a homework assignment about his mum and they both have kindly allowed me to publish his paper.

Pragyesh’s original homework paper

Pragyesh and his family adorned in red tika for a festival celebration

Pragyesh and his family adorned in red tikka for a festival celebration

I wonder how different is a working mum’s day, in any county?
Congratulations to Mina, my mum, mums and all the women, all around the world!!  Keep up the great work.

About Daphne

I’m Daphne, normally live in Vauxhall, London. I am blogging to keep track of my adventures. After volunteering for 3 years with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), in Nepal, at the Ministry of Education in Kathmandu, I am now in Tanzania, volunteering with VSO on a Youth Economic Empowerment Project.

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  1. I love the post Daph, and like all working moms in the world (my mom is one) they’re super and very admiring. At a very young age, Pragyesh knows how to appreciate his mom. Go mina!

    • Thanks Red – Mutual Appreciation Society,hope to one gay graduate to writing poems 🙂 Indeed working mums,(should have explained mine is one too, working even in her retirement) rock!

  2. And congratulations to my two beautiful daughters on this International Women’s Day, who are extraordinary women too and achieving so much in their lives which makes me so proud of them. I love you both. Mum xxx

  3. You said it Daph! Your Mama is not only talented, astute and brill, she has the kindest heart and manner which is an inheritance passed on to you two beautiful gals, and which shines through your personalities!! One the quiet clever doctor and the other the industrious change the world gal! So go girl go!! You make us proud though we don’t tell you this often enough. Love from you 7×7 uncle and me

      • and the Masky genes too! now you will be pleased to know I get the nagging of 7 times table and peas! …so may join you in Nepal!! Keep smiling, keep well and come home soon…we miss ya! so soon a year has gone! geez!

  4. Nice story about a hard working government officer, her roles and responsibilities at office and home as well. I found Pragyesh description about her mum in such a nice way that he has described like a good scholar.

  5. Hi Daphne, looks like you are having a great time. Drop me an email when you can as I have lost yours. It’s not an emergency. Thanks.

    Ade and Dan

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