Girls Education Challenge – Sisters for Sisters’ project visit to Surkhet

Girls Education Challenge – Sisters for Sisters’ project visit to Surkhet



To recompense for the apathy on my blog and for all of you who have asked about it, prepare for an onslaught of posts.

To kick off here’s a post about my work visit to Surkhet, one of Nepal’s seventy-five districts of Nepal located about 600 km west of Kathmandu.

The visit with some of my Ministry of Education colleagues, was arranged to get an understanding about the Girls Education Challenge – Sisters for Sisters’ project (the project that actually funds my volunteer placement). This project has been running for over two years, in four districts of Nepal and targets out-of-school and at risk of dropping out girls to access education, in order to complete a full cycle of education to grade 8 (lower secondary) and to demonstrate improved learning outcomes.  The project is designed to develop a culture among girls and their communities to recognise and support the value and right of all girls to a quality education.


We visited schools, met students, teachers, parents, and the didis and bahanis – big sisters and little sisters involved with the project.


Pomp and ceremony at our school arrival


My colleague Laxman explaining Ministry of Education plans


With some of the little sisters


Aananda U. Ma Vi School


Meeting staff at the District Education Office and their chief is a lady – woo hoo!


Project mid term evaluation presentation to Headteachers, DEO staff and the community


We also popped into the wonderful Kopila Valley School funded by US Bllink Now…unfortunately the CNN Hero award winner Maggie was away.


The great Kopila Valley tailors shop that provides skills training and income generation.


Shree Nepal Rasta U. Ma Vi School


Selfie with my new didi friends.

Some of the useful discussions held were:

  • The challenges of identifying marginalised students and having to turn away some beneficiaries because of budget constraints
  • Maintaining motivations amongst all the stakeholders – concerns were raised about the number of Government Policy changes and how the schools can implement them in a timely manner.
  • Mainstreaming the mentoring scheme – suggestions whether this could be explored further by Government and implemented on a national policy level.
  • Toilet maintenance especially girls toilets is a prevailing issue in schools.
  • Opportunities to use land for agricultural activities and income generation for the schools such a those implemented in Koplia Valley.
  • Incorporation of new technologies
  • Sustainability of the project beyond project period
  • Big sisters and students alike talked about their ambitions to be teachers, police, which was unlikely before

The good news is that so far:

  • 320 trained big sisters have mentored 1,282 little sisters
  • 152 teachers are trained on child-friendly and gender sensitive teaching methods benefiting 9,404 girls from grades 1 to 8.

About Daphne

I’m Daphne, normally live in Vauxhall, London. I am blogging to keep track of my adventures. After volunteering for 3 years with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), in Nepal, at the Ministry of Education in Kathmandu, I am now in Tanzania, volunteering with VSO on a Youth Economic Empowerment Project.

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  1. Chéri Daphne, you exciting and fascinating blogger!
    I’ve read all your bloggy posts but have never had, until now ie, the chance to thank you for these
    oh-so-welcome bulletins.
    For someone so young (comparatively!), your dedication to the assigned task and to the VSO ethos is both commendable and inspirational.
    I look forward to all the blogging you can vitalise us with.
    Meantime, stay safe, well and motivated.
    Ron T xxx
    (PS: Reinforcements are on their way – be with you end Sep 16!)

    • Thank you so much Ronnie, praise indeed from a great writer. Your xmas bulletins are a must for us all. As for the ‘young’ reference equally grateful. Very much looking forward to the reinforcements arrival, suspect that they will be stories a plenty from their trip too. Loves to all. Dx

  2. Great blog Daf


    Can you get any more data on the mentoring – would be good to write it as a type of scientific paper for more coverage of the project and VSo





    Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 5:47 PM

  3. Finally, the long awaited blog….after a long span of silence…… Well done my girl!!! you are making a difference!! A brilliant explanation of the project and it’s success long may it continue. Great photos too. Ronnie and Beryl have beaten me with their reponses haha.

  4. A really interesting blog about female education… I hope your legacy out there will be to ensure education continues to improve (and that goes for the loos as well!)
    Keep up your enthusiasm.

    • Thanks A)Wiebke for reading and commenting as ever. Not sure of my legacy, there are so many other International and Local volunteers doing amazing work on this area.
      P.S. Thankfully did not take a photo of the loos but sure now understand fully what I write about sitting in the ministry.

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